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@Outline of FRICS
E Mission
E Scope of Work Stipulated in the Deed of Endowment
E History
E Organization
E Access

@Activities on-line
E FRICS has Recently
E Operation of Current Systems
E Image of the Radar Rain gauge Systems
E Radar Rain gauges are equivalent to so many Ground Rain gauges
E Information on Storage of Reservoirs
E Information Dissemination through Internet
E Information through Mobile Phone
E Hydrological & Water Quality Database
@Demand and Source of Information
E Flood Forecasting for Flood Fighting and Early Evacuation is vital
E Consultation for Water-use Conciliation
@`River Information in time of Water Shortage`
E Sources of Data
E Radar Rain Gage
E Location of Radars
E Data Flow
E Compilation of a Hazard Map
E Preparation and promotion of flood hazard maps
E gAMOAh
E Periodical Publications

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