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Outline of FRICS

・  Foundation of River & basin Integrated Communications
・  FRICS is a private nonprofit organization, but
・  Endowment was made by all 47 prefectures and 10 large cities of Japan, and
・  FRICS has been, is , and shall be a highly public body in charge of prevention and/or mitigation of water-related disasters.


  The Foundation aims at:
・  Collecting, processing and disseminating information on rivers and basins, and thereby
・  Reducing flood damages and contributing to better and reasonable use of rivers.

 Scope of Work Stipulated in the Deed of Endowment

・  Collecting, processing and disseminating information on rivers, basins, and related fields;
・  Development of technology for the above purpose;
・  Exchange of information concerning rivers, basins, and related fields;
・  International cooperation in the above fields; and
・  Other activities necessary for achieving the mission of the Foundation.


・  1975 First Radar Rain gauge on Mt. Akagi (in the Tone River basin near Tokyo)
・  1982 Disaster caused by torrential rain in Nagasaki (1000 km from Tokyo): Request to disclose information gathered by (then) Ministry of Construction
・  1985 Establishment of the Foundation
・  1986 Commencement of information provision through the “CAPTAIN” system: the first practical application of a “new” media
・  1999 The 2nd system: Data rather than picture images were transmitted
・  2002 Commencement of the “FRICS 2002” system: Based on the WWW system with special plug-ins installed into user’s PC
・  2006 Starting operation of the Integrated River Information System for Municipalities under the contract with the Government

Nagasaki on July 23, 1982
【Nagasaki on July 23, 1982】


・  President
・  Board of Directors
・  11 Divisions and 6 Sub-divisions
・  9 Branch offices corresponding to Regional Development Bureaus of MLIT
・  100 Persons (72 at HQ, 28 at Branches)


  TEL:+81-3-3299-8171  FAX:+81-3-3239-2434

一般財団法人河川情報センター 〒102-8474 東京都千代田区麹町1-3 ニッセイ半蔵門ビル
TEL.03-3239-8171(代)  FAX.03-3239-2434   E-mail ※セキュリティー対策のため@は全角
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